Seun Ajayi was quite extra at his wedding ceremony... as he's supposed to be!

Actor explains why he was so extra when he was asked to kiss his bride at their 2017 wedding ceremony.

Remember that time when actor Seun Ajayi’s first kiss moment went viral?

The “Ojukokoro” star tied the knot with sweetheart, Damilola Oluwabiyi in September 2017 and the ceremony was a beautiful, well-celebrated one.

Beautiful wedding moments

Of all beautiful moments from the wedding party though, it was his reaction to kissing his wife for the first time that was most unforgettable.

When he was asked to kiss the bride at the church ceremony, the actor decided to switch on drama mode, excitedly doing a little dance around before finally kissing the waiting, amused Dami.

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Why he did that

Five months after blessing the Internet that meme-worthy moment, Seun Ajayi has now explained what prompted him to act like that.

In a chat with Ife Ajagbe on Celeb Stopover Unscripted, the actor says:

“What the minister had said to me was, ‘when you unveil your bride, we’ll like you to react”

“I can tell you for free that it was a true reaction from my heart.”

Celeb Stopover is an interesting chat with celebrities in a comfortable space of their choice and Seun Ajayi’s edition can be enjoyed in the clip above.

Source: Pulse. Ng