Safety of health a major concern in Lekki, where a supermarket reportedly sells expired chocolates.

A Twitter user who shopped at a supermarket expressed shock having discovered she was sold expired chocolates.

Tweets shared today by a concerned Twitter user Valerie Okeke who purchased cheap chocolates at the Monifee Supermarket in Lekki, could have saved the lives of Lagos residents.

Okeke raised concerns in a series of posts how she was strangely charged a sum of N570 after buying two chocolate bars. She could not fathom the result ensuring that she insisted on a recalculation but the which saw her confirm that each item cost N100.

Upon inspection, she observed that the munchies were expired and have had the information revealing this wiped off and replaced with a recent date.

The Twitter user however possessed a keen eye – she spotted the alteration having observed each item with an intense scrutiny.

The shocked narrator discovered that the chocolates she purchased reached the end for safe consumption two years prior.

Some followers joined Valerie Okeke in a condemnation of the crooked behaviour, offering suggestions concerning what should be the right response.

The energy noticeably rose up to a high tempo when other Twitter joined in the conversation.

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Olusegun Babatunde, believed to be a representative of Monifee Supermarket tweeted at her.

He offered an apology as well as an assurance that an action will be taken.


Source: Pulse. Ng