To me,Love is just heartbreak.

Three times I have tried and three times I have failed. Let me tell you my story.

To me, love is heartbreak and for this reason I have decided to give up on it. Three times I have tried and three times I have failed. Let me tell you my story.

We all feel the strong desire to be loved and as an only child whose parents were busy most of the time, that desire was greater. I’ll spare you the silly story of my crushes and move on to my very first relationship. I had just entered the tertiary institution and made up my mind to be focused. Things went well and I said no to all the boys that flocked around me.

However, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I needed a companion, someone whom I could talk to about my struggles, fears and dreams without being judged and it had to be a guy. So, I met this guy during my first worship service in school and he had asked for my contact which I gave him because of his persistence. After a year of forming hard to get, I gave in and we started dating. To make things better, we lived close to each other and saw on a regular basis. Love felt good until he started cheating just because I wasn’t going to have sex with him. As expected, the relationship ended. I get attached quite easily so it hurt like every heartbreak does.

A Second Chance at Love!

 I moved on to my next relationship and this new guy made me feel like a queen. No he wasn’t a student and yes, he was quite older but none of that mattered. He was everything. Listening ears, constant communication, beautiful dates, surprises, you name it. He was all of that and to top it all before we started dating he agreed to the sexual purity aspect. You already know how the story goes. He cheated and unluckily the girl in question got pregnant not to mention the fact that this girl also threatened me. I ran for my life. Just kidding! We ended things. I took a break and even decided that I wasn’t going to date but I fell again. This human nature though!


Could this be it?

Oh well, my new beau was fine as hell, body was well defined and structured, some 6 foot stuff, beard gang, very smart, caring and loving. He was the total package and we were perfectly in love. It was so obvious we were head over heels but all things must come to an end. Definitely not the ending I had hoped for and for some reason I don’t understand this was my hardest breakup……

So the question you probably have on your mind is what really happened? He wasn’t cheating, I didn’t fall out of love….it was DISTANCE….I always thought distance wasn’t going to be a problem in any of my relationships but apparently that was his reason. He couldn’t deal or maybe it was getting pretty serious and he was afraid of commitment….I cried a lot for days, weeks and months. It was so hard to get over him. I was so hurt and heartbroken. Now tell me what love is.…..Trial And Error? Heartbreaks?

No Fourth Chances

Ah! before I go, I met a guy recently and he is such a sweetheart but my heart is done. Maybe one day I’ll figure out what true love really is and maybe not. Until then, love to me is nothing but heartbreak.

Written by Omodele Precious

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