Disappointed young woman.

Right now I’m feeling really doubtful about the relationship. I feel it’ll probably not work.

Dear Bukky,

I have an issue which is eating me up right now.

I just clocked 25 this February and my boyfriend will be 25 by October this year. I already have cleared my mind over our age difference but yesterday he came to visit and when he left my mum asked if I’m not older than him, which I denied.

Right now I’m feeling really doubtful about the relationship. I feel it’ll probably not work.

He hasn’t proposed marriage yet, but I don’t know if my family will accept him.

On my side I’m having double mind but I love him so much and I also planned to talk to him concerning  this issue, please I don’t what to do. I’m confused right now.
Dear reader,

Are you confused because he’s not being a good partner to you, or just because of the age difference and what your parents will think of the relationship?

In my opinion, if everything is right, he treats you right and you both love each other, age should not be a problem. Hey, it’s just a matter of eight months, I’m really surprised that this is an issue!

As for your mum, I don’t think you particularly lied to her –  you can get away with explaining that you’re age mates. Actually 8 months is more or less like being mates.

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See, I think your problem is not with anyone… for now. All you should be concerned with now is being sure of  how you really feel about the relationship. Do you love him despite the [tiny] age difference, do you think you can trust him to not make an issue out of this later in the years?

I think those are the things that you should be bothered about right now instead of your mum’s opinion. A firm decision on whether or not you want to be with him is required.

If you decide to be with him, it should be easy to convince your parents that he’s the best person for your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Eight months should not stand in the way of your happiness. I think your parents will understand that. Every parent will.

First things first, be certain of where you stand with him, and how you feel about the whole thing. You can’t convince anyone of what you are undecided about.
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