Breezytv interview session

Today is Our first Interview Session with Nigerian Young C.E.O’s, and Today we are glad to Get The Owner of A Whatsapp TV On Board. Today session is With Mr. Abiola Ayobami C.E.O BreezyTV. The journey so far, How He Started and the Challenges faced is what we get him to talk about.

Naijahub : Kindly Introduce Yourself to Readers Out There Sir

Breezy : Am Abiola Ayobami (Breezy)

Breezytv ceo abiola Ayobami
C. E. O BreezyTV Mr. Abiola Ayobami

Naijahub : Are You Still A Student Or a Graduate Sir?


Naijahub : What Level and department Are You

Breezy : History and Diplomatic studies 300l

Naijahub : Good, What Business Do You Run Sir?

Breezy : Am a media strategist🔥.
I Promote Artist,blogs, musics, anything based on Entertainment and I run a WhatsApp tv also…

Naijahub : So as per promotion of artist how much do you charge if I am allowed to ask

Breezy : Some questions are better left unattended to sir..
Not every one has the capability to pay for a fixed price rate😔. So we do our thing our way.

Naijahub : All This With Your Education, What Are the challenges You face Doing this Businesses ?

Breezy : The main Challenges I face are network problem and capital.

Naijahub : So how do you create time for all that you mention above even tho you might have tight schedules?

Breezy : I have time table for school and work.

Naijahub: What of challenges you face with your studies caused by your business.. Like Timing and Some others?

Breezy : I post when am less busy…

Naijahub : So, What brought the Inspiration Of a Whatsapp TV?

Breezy ; Not mAh Concept… Someone started it first but God showed his kindness towards mAh Business.

Naijahub : Not The Owner Of The Concept? Did You have Any Clash with the Concept Owner when you first Start?

Breezy :Yeah a little clash occured.

Naijahub : So how was that Overcomed? Settled Amicably or Continued with Force?

Breezy : Settled.

Naijahub : What sorts of changes are occurring in your occupation?

Breezy : Different Concept everyday… That’s what makes me UNIQUE

Naijahub ; What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?

Breezy : No recommended skills.. Just make sure you have the brain to think ahead… Your audience must never be bored

Naijahub : What abilities or personal qualities do you believe contribute most to success in this field/job?

Breezy : Tender heart… And understanding.

Naijahub : How Do People Get to Join Your Whatsapp Channel?

Breezy : Anybody who wanna Join BreezyTV can message us on Whatsapp and We’ll add them To Our List Immediately. Join us On Whatsapp

Naijahub : Ok! Thank You, So What Will Be Your Advice To young Nigerians Like You Out There?

Breezy : If you believe In something.. go for it.. Don’t relent GREATNESS ONLY COMEs IF you work towards it.


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